Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 9 Rest Day

Friday was our scheduled rest day in Flims. August 1st is also Swiss Independence Day (from the Habsburger (Austrians)) in 1291!

Almost as planned it started raining around 3PM, which turned into off and on thundershowers. Around 6PM Squirrel wanted to do some hiking, mostly to show the Swiss that Americans could do it as well as they did! So the two knuckle heads (Brick & Squirrel) set out on this 1 hour hike to some observation platform overlooking the Rhein gorge (the Swiss Grand Canyon). Naturally, after 5 minutes into the hike it started raining again, and eventually turned into this downpour! We were absolutely soaked from head to toe 45 minutes into our route. Finally we reached the platform, but by that time it had gotten so foggy we could barely see the river way down below, and since there was lightening and the platform was built out of several flights of steel, we basically just ran up to the top, looked around real quick and took a couple of shots and ran back down!!

Of course now we had to hike back up the mountain for an other hour in the rain!! Naturally, by the time we got back to the camp site the rain started to let up. At least the "Smart One" (Garbanzo) was nice enough to start cooking dinner.

Due to all of the fog and the 120% humidity, we could only hear the fireworks, but not actually see it, except for some glow in the distance.

Since this rain wasn't a quick passing storm, I started getting really worried about our Saturday return trip from Flims to Zurich. None of us was really excited about riding 115 miles in the rain! So I came up with some alternatives, which included a combination of buses and trains!

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